What have I done for me lately?

{February 22, 2010}   My Life As A Reality Show

This weekend could change some things in my life.  Or not.  Isn’t that most weekends though?  I digress.

I met a guy online mid January.  He and I live 800 miles away and normally I wouldn’t even give him the time of day because it would never work long distance.  But I did.  And he didn’t even have a picture on his profile.  That’s another dealbreaker for me.  But I still talked to him.  And I’ve since received LOTS of picture.  Oh hi, Sexy. 

We talk/text/email all day every day.  I like him.  We’re different though.  He’s blue collar (which explains the body.  Rawr.)  I’m white collar.  He’s never had a buffalo burger and is perfectly happy having a bologne sandwich for dinner (bachelor.)  And yet, we seem to have a lot in common too — but it’s the deeper things.  We want the same things and have been through similar experiences in the past.  We’ve learned similar lessons.  And did I mention I like him??

SO.  This weekend, he’s flying out here on Friday night and staying with me until Monday morning.  Normally, I’d be terrified.  But with him, I’m not.  Weird?  Yes.  And interestingly enough, the fear I do have is more about if all goes well, then how would we make this work??  It’s almost like there’s very little doubt in my mind that this isn’t going to go well.  He’s already said that he’d be willing to move here if it came to that.  That’s convenient for me. 

But really?  Is this for reals???


{January 1, 2010}   2010 – Here We Go

Remember when I said I was excited about the possibility of meeting new people at my new job?  Well…..here’s the story.  There’s one guy who immediately caught my eye, but then I was blinded by the twinkle of his wedding ring.  So I put that out of my mind.  BUT, as we’ve worked together over the last few weeks, I realize that he really is a cool guy and I am attracted to him.  We sit in rows of cubicles and he’s one row over from me, but I knew something was up when I got an email from him.  And then another, and then another.  Having a private conversation sitting a few feet from each other.  Hmm.  But again, the wedding ring.

So yesterday I get an email from him asking what I’m doing for New Years Eve.  Long story short, we end up going for a drink after work.  We talked a little bit about our personal lives, but mostly about work stuff and our careers.  He offered to drive me to my car…I’d taken public transportation to work, so how could I deny a ride?  During our ride, the conversation got personal.  He asked about my dating life, why type of guy I attract…just full of questions.  And then he asked for my number.

But still, the wedding ring.  I will be asking him about it within the next few days, but he sure doesn’t seem married.  His car was trashed…not a sign of a married guy, you know?  For Christmas, he was going to his cousin’s house.  For New Years, he was headed to his aunts for her birthday celebration.  No mention of “us” or “we”.  But then again if a guy intends on cheating on his wife, why would he act married?

Life is short, so if there’s a wife involved, I won’t be…but I need to ask the question head-on. 

And like clockwork, just as my mind wanders to another man, JC calls me telling me he wants to be the first one to wish me happy new year.  He wishes he could be with me at midnight.  And of course, I wonder how many other girls he said that to and how many calls he made near midnight.  Sad, but it is what it is.

{December 28, 2009}   A Rant In Top 10 List Form

Things I’m really sick and tired of:

1.  Hearing what an amazing person I am and how nobody understands why I’m still single.

2.  People thinking I have nothing to add because I don’t have children.

3.  Seeing everyone around me get married and get pregnant in true fairytale style.

4.  “If I knew a decent single guy – or any single guy – I’d hook you up.”

5.  Hearing “he’s out there somewhere.”  Oh yeah?  Shut the F up.

6.  Being hit on by married men.

7.  “I wouldn’t date you, but we could f**k.”

8.  Doing everything by myself.

9.  Not being able to hear my iPod because the ticking of my biological clock overshadows any and all sounds.

10.  Having no one to kiss on New Year’s Eve.

That’s all…going to hide under the covers until 2010.

{November 13, 2009}   Maybe?

As much as I’m through with the whole dating scene, sometimes something happens that makes me wonder if I might be coming upon a new opportunity to meet someone decent. 

I just accepted a 90-day temporary assignment for this company with offices downtown, right in the heart of the city.  Lots of people there hanging out at lunch time!  Even better, they are hiring a total of 25-40 new people for this assignment.  I’m one of them, so let’s say there is potential for 24-39 people that could be sexy, single men.  Hmm.  Men with jobs.  Weird.  Hey, it could be like my own Bachelorette show where I get to take my pick and kick the others off the island.  And I get paid to do it?  Okay, I like that idea.

{November 11, 2009}   Boys Are Comedy

K-Dub and I had a conversation yesterday regarding where we’re headed.  He mentioned something about how he’s afraid of commitment (aren’t they all?), but he doesn’t like to be alone, so he talks to a lot of women.  Okay, playa.  He then went on to tell me that he’s not ready for a relationship.  Interesting, since I dubbed him as a “play thing” last week.  Seems like we could be on the same page. 

But then he went on to mention that should this thing between us turn physical, he wouldn’t want to share me with anyone else.

To clarify, I said, “So you don’t want to share me, but I would have to share you?”

His response:  “No, we would have an understanding.  An understanding that we’d just be with each other.”

So I said:  “So we’re just with each other, but we’re not in a relationship?”  Meanwhile, I’m dying laughing at the whole situation.  He went on to say that it gets complicated and we’ll just have to deal with it when we get there.  Uh huh.  No wonder I’m single…boys are insane!

{November 4, 2009}   My Auntie Rules The World

I met this guy online a few years ago, we talked on the phone, but for whatever reason never met in person.  We’ll call him K-Dub, since those are his initials.  Not to be confused with Kendra from the Girls Next Door, but a more manly K-Dub.  🙂

He emailed me a few days ago and we started talking again.  He still seems cool and he’s still cute, so I agreed to go out with him last night.  We both wanted to see Saw VI (for the romance factor I suppose?), but he was concerned that wouldn’t give us enough time to talk.  Wait, who is the girl here?  But we went, no less.

Anyway, I was immediately comfortable with him.  He held my hand during the movie and when we walked out, he gave me a quick kiss on the side of my mouth and hugged me.  Tight.  He didn’t want to let me go.  He started kissing my neck…yowza.  He asked what I was doing afterwards…I said going home to pack for my trip.  He asked if I needed help.  Hello, fork in the road.  Sure, I wanted him to come home with me, no matter how much my mind kept telling me it may not be a good idea.  But, then I remembered.  Aunt Flo is visiting.  Evil bitch.  Decision made.

As I went home alone, I started thinking about this dude and where it could go.  I don’t necessarily see it as being anything serious, but he would be a nice play thing for me though.  He’s 4 years younger and is REALLY cute.  6’2″ yummy as well.  Hmm.

Oh well, I’m leaving town tomorrow (Vegas baby!), so we’ll see what happens with K-Dub when I get back…like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives…

{November 1, 2009}   I’m Having Twins

My mom had a dream last night that she was holding a baby.  He was about a month old and she was looking into his eyes, watching him in fascination.  He was my child, so she began wondering where I was.  She looked up and realized I was holding the baby’s twin sister.  HUH?  I love my mom, but I hope she’s not right that I’m going to end up with twins.  I’m just adjusting the idea of raising one baby at a time on my own, so the idea of two is a little scary!  I’ll love them no matter what, but yikes!!

{October 28, 2009}   Confidence Is Fun

I asked a guy out today.  Well, sort of.    We’ve been talking online…it’s not really a dating site – more social networking.  He’s cute.  He’s also unemployed, just like me.  So I asked him to let me know if he wanted to go for coffee or Diet Coke sometime — something cheap where we may have a coupon.  Yeah, that’s how I roll.  Take a number, boys.

But it felt good to have the confidence to ask him out.  Maybe I’ll ask out the gym hottie someday too.  Why not?  What’s the worst that could happen?  He says no and I find a new gym?  Big deal!! 

I kind of like this confidence thing…I’m gonna have to create more of that.

{October 18, 2009}   Dating Is A Joke!

Country Boy was going to call me this morning to discuss whether I was coming to his flag football game, whether we were meeting for lunch or just watching football this afternoon.  Um, almost 2pm and my phone hasn’t rang.  I love it when men turn into chicken shits.  Ah well, as they say, I just wasn’t that into him.  Next!

Something else has been stewing in this crazy mind of mine.  I’m unemployed.  I’m starting a business.  I already have 2 clients!  2 clients aren’t enough to pay the mortgage, so I do need to get a job, albeit part time or full time.  Oddly enough, I may have a job offer.  Not in the industry I’d like, BUT I know the people and they’re GREAT!  It could be part-time or full-time if I want.  I’d have insurance and up to 3 weeks vacation per year.  They’d pay for me to get my certification so I could do additional work for additional $$.  I like $$.  AND, here’s the kicker.  After a training process of a few months, I could work from home.  Wait, where’s the bad part in all this????  It is a pay cut starting out, but with the bonuses could be more than I was making.  Once again, where’s the bad?

So this got me thinking further…steady, flexible income; work from home opportunity…it might almost be time for me to start trying to get knocked up!  Yes, there’s no man, but there are sperm banks with a plentiful supply.  I would love my baby to have a daddy, but if I wait for a daddy, I may never have a baby.  Decisions.

{October 16, 2009}   A Date? What’s That?

I have a date on Sunday.  With a boy.  A real boy.  But…..(you knew it was coming!)……he and I aren’t so much alike.  He’s country.  I’m urban.  He likes to camp and hunt.  I like hotels with nice steakhouses.   So yeah, I don’t really have high hopes for this one…but I’m getting out there, no less.  Although it does concern me that he wants to spend the day together.  I’d be okay with a 15 minute meet-up for coffee.  He wants to have lunch, then watch football (he does like football…that’s the only commonality!), etc, etc.  So if you have my number, feel free to call me Sunday afternoon with a made-up emergency for a problem that only I can fix…alone.

That leads me to the next question – where are all the men hiding?  People tell me I’m a catch and they can’t believe I’m single.  Me neither!  And yet, if I ask them if they know anyone they can hook me up with, the answer is usually one of the following:

1.  “I wish I did.  All my male friends are married.  And all my husband’s male friends are married.  And every guy I’ve ever known is married too.”

2.  “I know a guy for you!  He lives in Antarctica though, so….”

3.  “There’s this one single guy I know, but he lives with his mom, doesn’t have a job and plays video games all day.”

4.  “My son is single!  Oh, but he’s obsessing over his ex-girlfriend who dumped him for another guy.  Such is the life of a 19 year old!”

5.  “Single guy?  Isn’t that an oxymoron?”

You think I’m joking.

et cetera